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welcome. launch team

Thank you so much for joining my launch team. To get started, please sign up here:

I'm so excited to publish my first children's picture book. I've been working on Long Walk for a few years and can't wait to self-publish on amazon.

By joining my launch team, you can help me build a great review base on amazon and social media, and help spread the word to your friends and family.

Different helper tasks will earn you various awesome freebies from me. 

This is my first go-round on a project like this, so let's have some fun, and get neat books by me, into the hands of armchair adventurers around the globe! Thanks!

Join Virginia's Launch Team

Help spread the word, review & get a free e-book copy!

Thanks for registering. Watch your e-mail for a note from me with more information, and how you can download your pre-release e-book copy of Long Walk, by Virginia E. Berry. Happy reading!

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